6 Minute Superhuman Review: The Truth From A Real User

Is Dan Go's 6 Minute Program Everything It's Claimed To Be?

A Real User Reviews The 6 Minute Superhuman Program

Is Dan Go’s 6 Minute Superhuman pre-workout program all that it’s claimed to be?  Discover the truth in this 6 Minute Superhuman Review.

Around May 26th, 2013, I was on my Facebook, and saw an ad for some 6-minute workout program. I clicked and saw the web page for it. “Looks interesting,” I thought.

Here are some of the claims of this program:

  • Increases your flexibility
  • Increases your strength, endurance, and speed
  • Boosts your energy levels
  • Never have to worry about getting injured?

…and, all this can be delivered in 6 minutes?

If this can all be done in just 6 minutes a day, that’d be great.  From looking over the Superhuman page, it seems that this is a novel way of warming up before you do your main workout.

6 Minute Superhuman Review

This is what the promotion page of the Superhuman program looks like. But, does it really do what it claims to do? That’s what this site is for.

“Discover a Scientifically Proven High Performance Formula That Will Increase Your Strength, Speed, Endurance, and INSTANTLY Boost Your Energy Levels While Completely Bulletproofing Your Body From Injuries”

My Ongoing 6-Minute Superhuman Review

Stay tuned.  This site is coming soon. Until then, feel free to watch this video: